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Watch the long awaited ongoing trial of Lyme patient Frank Papineau that was delayed 3 years.

The trial deals with alleged negligence on the part of physicians. Patient Papineau vs Romero-Sierra et al The trial is available live via Zoom.  Here is the link. https://t.co/EVnzkVRJFn?amp=1 Dr. John Haggblad is testifying at the moment as to Standard of Care expected.  Next week Dr. Ralph Hawkins should begin his expert testimony. Check in…

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Detecting Borrelia Spirochetes: A Case Study With Validation Among Autopsy Specimens

The complex etiology of neurodegenerative disease has prompted studies on multiple mechanisms including genetic predisposition, brain biochemistry, immunological responses, and microbial insult. In particular, Lyme disease is often associated with neurocognitive impairment with variable manifestations between patients. We sought to develop methods to reliably detect Borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, in autopsy…

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Canada’s CTV investigative reporting show W5 explores Lyme disease: Bitten

Nov. 21, 2020 W5 TV show delves into Lyme disease and the lack of proper diagnostics and treatment in Canada. Patients stories are told and important issues are discussed that can affect most Canadians either by themselves, family or friends in the coming years. Watch Bitten

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Excellent Tick Bite Prevention video from Lunenburg Lyme Association, Nova Scotia

Produced for the Lunenburg Lyme Association in collaboration with and support from CanLyme (Rob Murray, a CanLyme board member) and the District of Lunenburg, the Province of Nova Scotia, the Town of Bridgewater, the Lunenburg Board of Trade, the East Coast Naturopathic Clinic, South Shore Regional Hospital Auxillary, the Town of Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, the…

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The Ad Hoc Patient and Physician Coalition From Around the World Reject Newly Proposed IDSA Guidelines

The Ad Hoc Patient and Physician Coalition Comments of the IDSA Proposed Lyme Guidelines “About the Ad Hoc Patient and Physician Coalition: The Ad Hoc Patient and Physician Coalition consists of patients and physicians who are concerned that the proposed Lyme disease guidelines of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), American Academy of Neurology…

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Response by Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health relative to Lyme disease comes under serious scrutiny as to it’s relevance to ‘true’ science.

[CanLyme Note:  Dr. Strang’s response below to CanLyme director Rob Murray’s letter from January 2019 (below) demonstrates an alarming lack of the very principle of scientific due diligence that they accuse Lloyd and Hawkins of. In the weeks that it took to respond, no one seems to have bothered to check to see if the Lloyd…

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This success story cannot happen in Canada without doctors licences being at risk from our very conflict of interest laden health care system that crosses federally to the provinces, then remarkably closely to the United States private organization the Infectious Disease Society of America that is rife with anti-science rhetoric and conflict of interest. Has Canada been the victim of medical fraud? Perhaps.

A family’s fight for their son en route to NCAA tournament history   … “Instead of running to the sink like most middle schoolers and washing his hands as fast as he could, 13-year-old Connor Odom would wash, rewash and then wash his hands again. His mother, Lucia Odom, thought it was odd, but didn’t…

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CTV’s Avis Favaro “Mothers on a mission to prove Lyme disease can be passed to unborn child”

“These mothers and their kids struggled for years with severe dizziness, pain, digestive problems, infections and impaired motor function that doctors couldn’t diagnose. Some were bedridden. One teen boy missed his entire high school education. One family was even close to committing their daughter to an institution because doctors believed her symptoms to be psychosomatic….

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Canada: A systematic review on the impact of gestational Lyme disease in humans on the fetus and newborn

[CanLyme Note: We at CanLyme want to thank Sue Faber and Jennifer Kravis for their excellent persistent hard work in making this review happen and inviting us to participate in their journey. Also, the immensely important assistance and input from Ralph Hawkins, MD, and Vett Lloyd, PhD, brought the science to the forefront. Finally, much…

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United States: Tick-Borne Disease Working Group 2018 Report to Congress

November 14th, 2018 “A comprehensive understanding of the full economic and societal cost remains unknown. It is likely orders of magnitude higher and potentially a $50- to $100-billion-dollar problem for the United States, although more research is needed (Vanderhoof & Vanderhoof-Forschner, 1993; Zhang et al., 2006).” “The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and CDC spend $77,355 and $20,293, respectively, per new surveillance case…

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Lyme disease vastly under-detected in Canada, according to new study

Mount A biologist co-authors research that suggests only 3-4% of Lyme cases are officially diagnosed Friday October 20th, 2018 A NEW STUDY published in the journal Healthcare suggests the vast majority of Canadians who have Lyme disease are slipping through the cracks. The research was done by Vett Lloyd, a Mount Allison University biology professor,…

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Twins Ice Cream Parlour in lovely Port Rowan, Ontario, for years has been very active in raising awareness and funds for Lyme disease.

On the north shores of Lake Erie sits the idyllic community of Port Rowan, Ontario. It is a beautiful community whose residents, businesses, and visitors for three years now have joined together with the very popular Twins Ice Cream Parlour on the Civic holiday weekend to raise awareness about the scourge of Lyme disease and…

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Ground Breaking Recognition of Lyme Borreliosis in 11th International Classification of Diseases – World Health Organization

[CanLyme Note: CanLyme was represented on the international Ad Hoc Committee for Health Equity in ICD11 Borreliosis Codes by CanLyme president and founder, Jim Wilson. Presentations were made in June 2018 to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and a report was submitted to the World Health Organization in March 2017 co-authored by Canadian, Vett Lloyd PhD,…