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Ottawa: Canadian politicians, scientists, physicians, and advocates unite in request of Minister Philpott to insist upon an ethical process

[CanLyme Note: No disease in history has ever been so massaged and manipulated behind closed doors as Lyme disease (borreliosis)  Is profit the motive? Keeping people sick and on pills for every symptom seems to be the approved Canadian policy while they refuse to transparently look at better tests that are available, and they refuse to allow potentially curative treatments.] View Continues →

Triathlete Kirsten Sweetland, sidelined by health, calls it a career

Cleve Dheensaw, Times Colonist, March 2nd Triathlete Kirsten Sweetland of Victoria, a former teen prodigy who overcame career-threatening injuries to realize her dream last year in Rio of competing in the Olympics, has retired. The 28-year-old knew it was time because “the decision came a little bit too easy,” she said. Sweetland found out five months before Rio that she Continues →

New Lyme disease petition urges action plan rewrite

Richmond Hill Liberal – Kim Zarzour, March 1st, 2017 A new petition asking the Canadian government for a better action plan to combat Lyme disease has been sponsored by Green party Leader Elizabeth May. May was responsible for the introduction and approval of Bill 442, requiring the government to create an action plan with input from Lyme patients and experts; Continues →

Watch CTV news interview of Dr. Todd Hatchette. A very good example of how opinion, not science, is driving Lyme borreliosis policy in Canada… in spite of evidence presented by experts in Ottawa, May 15th to 17th, 2016.

[Lyme disease is actually Lyme borreliosis. an infection caused by many different strains/genotypes of Borrelia bacteria] How can one rationalize making progress from the patient’s expert perspective when officially, by tax payer funded microbiologists, opinion is put forward as fact with no supporting science. Dr. Todd Hatchette attended the recent three day conference in Ottawa during which a wide diversity Continues →

Gulf Islands, BC, Canada: Peak tick season prompts warning

[CanLyme note: Reuben Kaufman, PhD, is a long time Board member of CanLyme] By Sean McIntyre on March 23, 2016 – Gulf Islands Driftwood news With peak tick season upon the island, a Salt Spring-based researcher warns residents that a few basic precautions can prevent a world of grief. Reuben Kaufman has pulled, poked and probed thousands of ticks for the Continues →

BC, Canada: Ticks active in the Southern Interior

WATCH: FULL STORY BY TANYA CRONIN   The most common species here in the Southern Interior is the Wood Tick, it’s not known to carry Lyme disease, but can carry other diseases and toxins, resulting in serious illness or even paralysis. There are some simple things you can do, that go a long way to prevent being infected. They are Continues →

Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada: Ticks in area woods already – near Kelowna

[Canlyme Note: Where there is one tick that you see, there may be more that you miss. Be aggressive in searching.] February 29th, 2016 Randi Berklande picked up an unwanted guest while going for a hike over the weekend. Berklande posted a picture of a wood tick she found after hiking on Carrot Mountain near Kelowna. A few hours later, Continues →

Ticks parasitizing gallinaceous birds in Canada and first record of Borrelia burgdorferi-infected Ixodes pacificus (Acari: Ixodidae) from California Quail

Systematic & Applied Acarology 21(1): 1–12 (2016) JOHN D. SCOTT, JOHN F. ANDERSON, LANCE A. DURDEN, MORGAN L. SMITH, JODI M. MANORD & KERRY L. CLARK Abstract In far-western Canada, gallinaceous birds are hosts of hard ticks (Ixodida: Ixodidae) that can carry zoonotic pathogens. In this study, we collected the avian coastal tick, Ixodes auritulus Neumann, the western blacklegged Continues →

The US government and Infectious Disease Society of America admitted they cannot win the battle on Lyme with science.

Read this Dr. Morshed from the British Columbia Center for Disease Control, listed as a recipient on the emails seen in the link, participates in this nonsensical anti-science “socio-political offensive” regularly. Morshed’s approach has been supported and fortified by Dr. Perry Kendall and Dr. David Patrick for years. Their behind the scenes involvement in the Complex Chronic Disease Program completely Continues →

B.C. patient questions accuracy of Lyme disease test used by province

Mark Hume VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail – Published Tuesday, Jul. 21, 2015 Internal government documents show blood tests used to check for Lyme disease aren’t very accurate, says a patient who filed a Freedom of Information request because of her concerns about health care standards. “One of the experts talked about the Lyme disease test only having an accuracy or Continues →

Internal government documents raise concerns over accuracy of B.C. Lyme disease tests

July 20, 2015 Lyme disease patients denied treatment based on faulty tests Vancouver, BC ~ Confidential documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, show doctors and other senior government officials in British Columbia raising serious doubts about accuracy of Lyme disease blood tests. “Firstly, are we talking about Lyme testing? If so, patients have access to the standard Continues →