CanLyme supports ongoing education for Canadian clinicians through the Healthcare Education Grant Program

Tick-borne infections can be challenging to diagnose and treat. The IDSA treatment guidelines currently used by many clinicians, offer limited options to address this problem.  

Fortunately, there are courses that clinicians can take to improve their knowledge of ticks and the diseases they carry. Invisible International offers evidence based learning modules. Clinicians can also find ongoing educational webinars on CanLyme’s event calendar page. 

ILADS offers several online courses, including the Vector-borne Diseases Fundamentals Course. This course provides a comprehensive overview of ticks, the diseases they carry, diagnostic considerations and treatment options. 

Find out how to apply for a Healthcare Education Grant.

CanLyme supports education grants for health practitioners.

ILADS online course grant

Explore all ILADS course offerings by creating a free ILADS account.

2024 ILADS Scientific Conference grant

Fall 2024 conference coming! Check back next year for updates.

For physicians and healthcare professionals

Applications will be considered from Canadian healthcare professionals. See grant applications for further details.

To apply or for more information

Please submit your confidential application to educationgrants [at] canlyme [dot] com.

CanLyme will be notifying successful applicants on an ongoing basis. There are a limited number of grants available and these will be approved as quickly as possible with considerations to geographic location and specialty.