Tick Removal Kit

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They retail for $18.00 Cdn which includes shipping, and handling in Canada.

THE MOST COMPLETE TICK REMOVAL KIT ON THE MARKET, for your first-aid kit, glove box, backpack, or purse, etc., with tick identification cards, 3 styles of tick removers (ie, if tick is in your ear or a pet’s ear a different tick remover size and style are required), magnifying glass, containers to put ticks into, instructions for proper tick removal, identification, container to save tick in, Call CanLyme for where to send tick for research, etc.  Bulk orders of 100 or more call us for wholesale quote.  250-808-9978


Order your tick removal kit from CanLyme!

The most complete tick removal kit on the market. Comes in its own self contained 6″ x 4″ sturdy nylon zipped pouch to fit in your first aid kit, backpack, purse, or glovebox. All proceeds go to our Venture Grants research program, education, and awareness as we are an all volunteer charitable organization.

Properly removing a tick can prevent infection.  Improper removal of a tick increases your risk of infection.

They retail for $18.00 which includes shipping, and handling in Canada (Canada Post ground unless otherwise requested at your cost). Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery and if not received, call us with your order number, 250-768-0978.  Outside Canada, shipping is extra.

Bulk orders of 100 or more call us for wholesale quote.  250-808-9978 via phone, Facetime or Whatsapp (Jim Wilson)


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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

11 reviews for Tick Removal Kit

  1. Sandy (verified owner)

    Great addition to my first aid kits. I like that it has everything I need in a nice pouch together. Instructions and reference cards are nice to have. Quality seems very good – I have not used it yet, thankfully!

  2. Colette (verified owner)

    Excellent little kit – everything you need is in there – a perfect complement to a First Aid kit.

  3. Canlyme (verified owner)

    email me and I will track it down. jimwilson@telus.net

  4. Dave Chisholm (verified owner)

    Excellent comprehensive kit. I ordered some for our Scout group’s first aid kits.

  5. Kyle Tobin

    Very useful. As a Flea and Tick Spraying service, we put these kits in each of our trucks as an added safety measure for our employees and to help customers if needed. (hopefully not)
    If you have ever known anyone with Lyme, or had your pet bitten by ticks, it takes on a greater importance! We recommend them to everyone we speak to.

  6. Heather

    So glad I ordered this. Saw a tick on my dog and had it cleanly and easily removed in a few minutes. Would have been panicking without this kit.

  7. Mary Ann Stinson (verified owner)

    Bought 3 of these kits over a year ago, and gave them to my family members. Today my daughter discovered a tick on my 4yr old grandson, grabbed the tick kit and was very quickly able to remove the whole tick! Everything she needed was in the kit and she was very thankful she had it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  8. Hue

    It would be awesome if there was a video for how to remove the tick with YOUR removal kit.

  9. Jenn Whiteley

    Ordered 2 kits back in June, contacted the foundation multiple times to be told after 7 weeks of my order not arriving to continue waiting. Still not resolved after 6 months of multiple inquiries. Will now be dealing with my credit card company to submit a charge back. Very disappointed, and don’t want others dealing with the same problem. I’m sure the kits are great….if you receive them.

    • Canlyme (verified owner)

      The only order from you was attempted on June 27th, 2020, order #16044, and the order failed to go through on your credit card. You would have received notice of the failed attempt.

      I will send you a screenshot of the failed order report.

      Jim Wilson

  10. Rebecca Coulter (verified owner)

    I ordered a kit, but have not received any shipping details. When I emailed the address my order confirmation was sent from to get a tracking number I received an automatic reply that the email was not valid. Can you confirm how long after an order is placed it is shipped and if a tracking number is available?

    • Canlyme (verified owner)

      There is no tracking number as it is sent by regular mail via Canada Post. I will email you once I look up your order. Jim Wilson

  11. Sukh Gill (verified owner)

    The tick removal kit is a great addition to my first aid kits. I personally like that the kit is very orgainzed and has everything you need in a small little pouch.

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