Lyme videos about ticks and Lyme disease

As a result of federal legislation, Bill 442, the Canadian government was compelled to hold a conference on Lyme disease working with Lyme patients and their experts.

The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Gregory Taylor, Dr. Daniel Gregson, past AMMI president, and Jim Wilson, president of CanLyme were charged with the structuring of the conference and the forming of a planning committee.

CanLyme chose to hire a firm to video record the entire event so the general public, and medical professionals can view the conference at their leisure.

You can now watch the unabridged presentations that we have uploaded.  If you subscribe to the CanLyme youtube channel, you will receive notifications as we continue to upload relevent material. (A special thanks to Alan and Terri Bibby, Bibby Productions Ltd. for their many long hours of work it took to collate, edit and upload this material for all our benefit).

Watch Ottawa Lyme conference in full

Also…. Watch our 30 second awareness videos.

For media who would like these in higher resolution please contact us directly… 250-808-9978

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