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Ottawa: Canadian politicians, scientists, physicians, and advocates unite in request of Minister Philpott to insist upon an ethical process

[CanLyme Note: No disease in history has ever been so massaged and manipulated behind closed doors as Lyme disease (borreliosis)  Is profit the motive? Keeping people sick and on pills for every symptom seems to be the approved Canadian policy while they refuse to transparently look at better tests that are available, and they refuse to allow potentially curative treatments.] View Continues →

New Lyme disease petition urges action plan rewrite

Richmond Hill Liberal – Kim Zarzour, March 1st, 2017 A new petition asking the Canadian government for a better action plan to combat Lyme disease has been sponsored by Green party Leader Elizabeth May. May was responsible for the introduction and approval of Bill 442, requiring the government to create an action plan with input from Lyme patients and experts; Continues →

Halifax: Increasing Threat of Tick-Borne Diseases, Viruses

By Lenny Rowe Halifax town officials are taking steps to raise awareness about tick-borne diseases and viruses. Halifax Health Agent Cathy Drinan and members of the Norwell Visiting Nurse Association gave a presentation last week to inform the public about tick-borne diseases and viruses and the new forms that are spreading rapidly on the South Shore and Cape Cod. Drinan says that there’s Continues →

Watch CTV news interview of Dr. Todd Hatchette. A very good example of how opinion, not science, is driving Lyme borreliosis policy in Canada… in spite of evidence presented by experts in Ottawa, May 15th to 17th, 2016.

[Lyme disease is actually Lyme borreliosis. an infection caused by many different strains/genotypes of Borrelia bacteria] How can one rationalize making progress from the patient’s expert perspective when officially, by tax payer funded microbiologists, opinion is put forward as fact with no supporting science. Dr. Todd Hatchette attended the recent three day conference in Ottawa during which a wide diversity Continues →

N.S. doctor clashes with peers on Lyme disease treatment

HE CHRONICLE HERALD Published March 22, 2016 – 5:10pm ST. STEPHEN, N.B. – A retired Nova Scotia medical doctor hopes that if his former colleagues will not prescribe longterm antibiotics for Lyme disease, West Coast naturopaths might. Patients afflicted with Lyme disease in the Maritimes say that they have to travel to Maine and elsewhere in the United States because Continues →

Nova Scotia: Shelburne-area family recounts struggle with Lyme disease

SHELBURNE  – People hear about Lyme disease protection every year, about how to avoid a tick bite and the signs that one should watch out for.  But what happens when Lyme disease is contracted? One teenager in Shelburne County struggled for a year with the disease and in some ways continues to struggle. When Hannah Cameron was 14, she began Continues →

Nova Scotia: Lyme disease-carrying ticks infecting more dogs in Shelburne County

Published on June 23, 2015 AmyWoolvett SHELBURNE -The number of documented cases of Lyme disease in people, a tick-borne illness, has tripled in recent years in Nova Scotia. Those figures are are even more startling in dogs, especially in Shelburne County. When Jordan Branch Veterinary employee, Theressa Bower, first began testing canines for Lyme and other tick-born diseases five years Continues →

Springhill, NS: Ticks become talk at Springhill search and rescue hall

June 22nd, 2015 by Christopher Gooding SPRINGHILL – It’s enough to make anyone want to stay out of the woods. Well, almost anyone. Springhill and Pugwash Ground Search and Rescue members met July 17 to learn about the increasingly prevalent world of ticks. Many searchers had their first experiences with the little critters known for carrying Lyme disease last spring Continues →

Dr. Ben Boucher discusses Lyme disease on CBC radio

May 8th, 2015 Dr. Ben Boucher is speaking at a Maritime Tick Conference in Moncton about the difficulty in diagnosing Lyme disease and his experience treating it. CBC radio caught up with him for this interview. Listen now

Nova Scotia – Houston presents bill to address Lyme Disease

Published on April 10, 2014 Today in the Legislature, Tim Houston, Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou East, introduced a bill to develop a comprehensive Lyme Disease Strategy for Nova Scotia. “I am proud to be able to bring forward this long overdue legislation to address patients’ concerns respecting the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease in Nova Scotia,” Houston says. Continues →