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Nova Scotia: Lyme disease advocacy group pushes for awareness, education, new clinic

[CanLyme Note: Sadly this is the case for most Canadians with Lyme disease who do not present with the over-emphasized ‘bulls eye’ rash that occurs in only about 20% of cases. Through policy imposed via the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease of Canada (AMMI), any doctors diagnosing Lyme disease are under pressure and risk being chastised, sanctioned, ridiculed or face license suspension if they do not follow AMMI’s restrictive antiquated non-science based diagnostic and treatment protocols.  The appropriate long held standard for patient engagement in setting policy about their illness is “nothing about us without us” but AMMI with their close connections to the medical for-profit industry has managed to exclude Lyme disease patients and impose their dogma within the Canadian provincial healthcare systems, PHAC, and most disappointedly the medical curriculum in our medical schools educating young medical students against the recognition of both early and late stage (chronic treatable) Lyme disease. There is a lot of money being made creating a daily drug(s) to manage symptoms instead of treating the root cause of the disease.]

““I had full body joint and muscle pain making me bedridden, fever, extreme fatigue, slept for days, a basic skin rash and Bell’s Palsy on the left side of my face,” she said. Without the classic bulls-eye-shaped rash showing a tick bite, however, she was denied a Lyme test by her family doctor.”

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  1. If a new clinic is set up in Nova Scotia, the physicians and Nurse Practitioners must be allowed to use the ILADS treatment guidelines (Cameron et al., 2014). It would be a waste of everyone’s time, energy and money if they were only allowed to use the IDSA guidelines.

  2. I’ve had many tick bites. I’ve loved camping and stargazing my while life, and I’ve been back and forth across Canada my whole life, until I got sick.
    I asked my Dr about lyme disease, and was refused the test because she “can’t test without a tick bite”

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