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[Canadian doctors gave up on him] India : Man revived from deep coma after 2 months

[How many more just are left to die in Canada? Not a great tourism advertisement for our country and it’s alleged great medical system]

NEW DELHI: Doctors at a private hospital here have given a new lease of life to a man declared “near brain dead” by a hospital in Canada. Asok Debnath, an IT professional from Kolkata, was suffering from severe brain infection that went undetected for several weeks.

Ankita, the patient’s wife, said he was airlifted to Max Hospital in Saket when doctors in Canada gave up. “My husband was working on a project in Canada for the past three years. In October, he had fever, headache, chills and pain in the back of the neck. Gradually, he developed difficulty in walking,” she said. “We took him to a local hospital where doctors diagnosed abnormality in the brain with enhancement in the brain stem suggestive of some kind of brain and spine infection. But they could not find the cause.”

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