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New Lyme disease petition urges action plan rewrite

Richmond Hill Liberal – Kim Zarzour, March 1st, 2017 A new petition asking the Canadian government for a better action plan to combat Lyme disease has been sponsored by Green party Leader Elizabeth May. May was responsible for the introduction and approval of Bill 442, requiring the government to create an action plan with input from Lyme patients and experts; Continues →

Watch CTV news interview of Dr. Todd Hatchette. A very good example of how opinion, not science, is driving Lyme borreliosis policy in Canada… in spite of evidence presented by experts in Ottawa, May 15th to 17th, 2016.

[Lyme disease is actually Lyme borreliosis. an infection caused by many different strains/genotypes of Borrelia bacteria] How can one rationalize making progress from the patient’s expert perspective when officially, by tax payer funded microbiologists, opinion is put forward as fact with no supporting science. Dr. Todd Hatchette attended the recent three day conference in Ottawa during which a wide diversity Continues →

N.L. woman who beat Lyme disease now researching illness in U.S.

Krista Hewlett forced to quit medical school due to condition   A Newfoundland woman who battled Lyme disease for four years is now on the cutting edge of researching the condition in the United States. Krista Hewlett is currently a research associate at a clinic in Connecticut doing integrated medical treatment of Lyme disease. But a few years back she became so sick Continues →