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A message to Canadian Lyme disease patients from W5 TV show. They want you!!

“Hello all,

If you are receiving this email then you and I have spoken about the documentary W5 is currently producing on Lyme Disease. We have been working on this documentary for the past few months and working towards an air date later this fall.

I need all of your help for one of the scenes in our documentary! Please and thank you!

We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with Lyme across the country to share with us a few short comments about their experience with the disease.

We are asking people to film themselves using their cell phone and sending us a video clip / testimonial.

Answer these questions straight to your phone camera in video mode (HD please / turn your phone sideways *See attached video for help*)

  1. Introduce yourself “My name is…(name)..and I contracted Lyme disease…..(Location in Canada)”
  2. What were the symptoms you had or have?
  3. What did you think was wrong with you?
  4. Finish this sentence: “I had a test in Canada and it was ….. (positive or negative) for Lyme.”
  5. In one sentence how has Lyme changed your life?

Please no more than 5 minutes total.  Ideally shorter.

Video clips can be texted to (416) 434 9416 or emailed to riley.nimens@bellmedia.ca – and can be sent as one long clip or multiple short clips.

Please share with your Lyme FB groups and communities, we are hoping to include as many clips as we can for the broadcast. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!”

Stay safe in the outdoors

Your support can change lives

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  1. I wish that you would also include Canadians that got Lyme outside of Canada because when we come back we don’t get any care and often no testing. And of course we know that the tests are usually negative as Lyme is good at hiding and comes with Co infections. Part of the story, a big part of it, is the medical community denying we have it and not doing any treatment. I would be one of those people that was in New York, my doctor said, we don’t have Lyme in BC. So I said I contracted it in New York, I got his attention I could see, but then he discounted my us tests. Diagnosis was 2014 and I have had no treatment from the Canadian medical system although now the women’s hospital complex chronic disease program in Vancouver has diagnosed me with chronic lyme disease and again, no treatment

  2. Follow the link to the W5 contact info and ask them the same question. It should not matter where you contracted Lyme disease if you are Canadian. I don’t think they limit it.

  3. Rebecca Birch same thing happened to me (Hyde Park NY) … I got negative on the Elisa test and sent my own bloodwork to Igenex (and it came back positive)… still refused to help!

  4. Hi

    I live in Alberta and was infected in Germany 2007. Like you I do not count in any research. I have positive test results from US and Germany and my GP is doing what he can but I am always afraid he will be penalised for trying to help me. Life is a rollercoaster!
    Take care

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