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Tipping Point: The Resistance Is Gaining In The Lyme Wars

By Mary Beth Pfeiffer ” Government and medicine have systematically failed to diagnose, treat or prevent a spreading plague of ticks. And they know it.

For two decades, Lyme disease has had dueling identities.

  A burgeoning epidemic wrought by ticks. A raging controversy over why patients stay sick — and what to do for them.

  Now, however, the medical model that spawned the Lyme Wars – enshrined in treatment guidelines that say short-course antibiotics are curative — is yielding to a more nuanced picture. 

  This new image is of a disease that outwits antibiotics and immune systems; is plagued by diagnostic failures, and is capable of inflicting lasting damage. It is an image that challenges the picture of medical certainty that has long been Lyme.

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