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Canada’s CTV investigative reporting show W5 explores Lyme disease: Bitten

Nov. 21, 2020

W5 TV show delves into Lyme disease and the lack of proper diagnostics and treatment in Canada. Patients stories are told and important issues are discussed that can affect most Canadians either by themselves, family or friends in the coming years.

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  1. If you ever want me to speak or do a zoom seminar on the limitations of testing in Canada, please contact me.
    IGeneX would also be very interested in sponsoring a speaker at an upcoming conference you may be planning

  2. In 2004, our daughter was at school and in the field ( forestry). In a day or two, she came down with a huge headache then it morphed into a full body rash the next day…..1.5 years later it is 90% gone; however, she still has chronic pain. Two of the last areas for it to leave was the neck and also the hands and it persists to this day in the form of chronic pain. Yes, she was tested and it came back negative and I understand how bad the tests are in Canada. I am just starting to look at the support groups but she went to a naturopath in Sudbury and they want $800 to have the better test (IGexX?). Two questions, one can this current problem be related and do tests show this many years later? Anywhere in Canada? Two, what is the best test. Can you offer a Zoom date and people jump in.

    She is aware of my research but not putting case on internet so please do not publich my name.

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