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The Ad Hoc Patient and Physician Coalition From Around the World Reject Newly Proposed IDSA Guidelines

The Ad Hoc Patient and Physician Coalition Comments of the IDSA Proposed Lyme Guidelines

“About the Ad Hoc Patient and Physician Coalition: The Ad Hoc Patient and Physician Coalition consists of patients and
physicians who are concerned that the proposed Lyme disease guidelines of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
(IDSA), American Academy of Neurology (AAN), and American College of Rheumatology (ACR) will further restrict access
to care and harm patients by leaving them undiagnosed and undertreated.”

The IDSA guidelines are used by countries throughout the world and these countries presume proper ethics in science and medicine were followed in the creation of those guidelines.  They were not, and the rebuke of the newly proposed IDSA guidelines is endorsed by Lyme disease professional and stakeholder organizations from around the world, including the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation.

The IDSA uses very similar tactics to the tobacco lobby in misrepresenting facts, hiding evidence, pruning research to present only that which supports their position (mostly citing their own members), and creating a false discussion within the medical community regarding patients and their experts being anti-science or pseudo-scientists.  Conflicts of interest are understated or not reported. Drug companies (drugs inappropriately prescribed to ‘manage’ symptoms), and medical device manufacturers (joint replacement, valve replacement, etc) appear to be the ultimate beneficiaries of keeping people sick while not acknowledging the true cause, and the fix.

Collectively and internationally we are asking our legislators, the United Nations and the World health Organization to intervene and stop this monopolistic control of a disease that has reached pandemic proportions, all under the control of the IDSA/US CDC over several decades.

This matter was presented to the United Nations in June of 2018 as a human rights abuse issue, denial of access to care.

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  1. What ever came of the presentation made to the United Nations in June 2018? It seems the wrong people are still very much calling all the shots, having most panelists on the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group being IDSA members.

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