BC, Canada: Penticton dog paralyzed after being bitten by a tick

“It’s a good time to not just check yourself for ticks, but your furry companions too.

A Penticton couple knew their dog hadn’t been feeling well over the past few days, but was shocked to find their dog had been paralyzed from a tick on its body.

Brenda Blatz and her husband have a 16-year-old shih tzu-bichon cross named Joey who often heads out on trips with them. Sometime in the last two weeks, either around home or through their travels to Coalmont and Keremeos, their pup picked up an unwelcome friend.

“He was paralyzed, kind of in the middle of the night. And my husband didn’t wake me up to tell me. So by the morning, that’s when he says, ‘He can’t walk.’ [Joey] would just fall down on the ground,” Blatz explained.

Joey hadn’t been feeling well for a few days before, but the couple assumed it was because of his age and overall health, which has been declining lately.”

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