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CTV’s Avis Favaro “Mothers on a mission to prove Lyme disease can be passed to unborn child”

“These mothers and their kids struggled for years with severe dizziness, pain, digestive problems, infections and impaired motor function that doctors couldn’t diagnose. Some were bedridden. One teen boy missed his entire high school education. One family was even close to committing their daughter to an institution because doctors believed her symptoms to be psychosomatic.

They all say the mystery was solved when they were tested and treated for Lyme disease and now a group of Ontario mothers and kids have banded together to build awareness of the transmission of the disease from mother to child before birth.”

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  1. It is so sad to see the profound lack of curiosity on the part of the medical profession on this situation. PHAC are steadfast in their determination to downplay and trivialize this epidemic. In southwestern Nova Scotia [Health District No 1] the rates of Lyme are exceeded nationally only by chlamydia and TB in Nunavut and are equal to some of the worst affected communities in the eastern U.S. like Lyme Connecticut. Dr. Howard Njoo consistently appears to be one of Canada’s leading Lyme and tick-borne disease denialists. This constitutes public health malpractice.

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