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Nova Scotia: Shelburne-area family recounts struggle with Lyme disease

SHELBURNE  – People hear about Lyme disease protection every year, about how to avoid a tick bite and the signs that one should watch out for.  But what happens when Lyme disease is contracted?

One teenager in Shelburne County struggled for a year with the disease and in some ways continues to struggle.

When Hannah Cameron was 14, she began getting severe headaches and joint pain.

The Gunning Cove girl woke up one morning to find half of her face sagging as if she had had a stroke.

Her mother, Laura Cameron, rushed Hannah to the local hospital where tests for afflictions like Bell’s Palsey and a brain bleed were ruled out.

The family was told it could be Lyme disease and was given two weeks of a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

“We were told that would fix everything and it would all go back to normal,” she said.

But, two weeks later there was no improvement.

“That started our journey into neurology,” …

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