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Hillier introduces Lyme Disease petition in Ontario legislature

Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, read his petition calling on the Ontario government to provide better diagnostics, awareness and treatment of Lyme Disease in Ontario.

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  1. When a person has been infected with a tic is two doses of doxycycline really enough.should they not be on this longer to ensure less chance of having lymes disease later on and having to take antibiotics the rest of their life.Wondering if the government is setting out new guidelines to MDs for the treatment of possible lymes disease to those bitten by tics.

  2. Its not that you need more antibiotics, its how you take them and overall program in need of adjustments. There are new therapies that use a combination of drugs and antibiotics that work well. Also, why tests are unreliable here and / or some are just not covered by OHIP?

  3. My husband tested positive for Lymes Disease in August, despite trying to have him tested since July, after we noticed a bite on his hip! He suffered through flu like symptoms including night sweats, loss of appetite, weakness ,disorientation and general lethargy. He then began to suffer tremendous back pain. Medical personnel refused to correlate the two things. We then started our journey of misdiagnosis and opioid medication. Finally he was diagnosed in the ED in a teaching hospital.I have never seen any body suffer with so much pain and I am a nurse. He is currently taking Ceftrioxine 2 mg IV daily and Gabapentin 600 mg tid, with a bt of Dilaudid 2mg. He continues to have effects of the Lymes Disease including back pain, rib cage and chest pain, inability to take a fulfilling breath and decreased grip in his hands. We are to see the Neurological physician in 2weeks and are afraid he will discontinue his antibiotics despite the fact he is still having effects from the disease. What can we say or do to stop this from happening! My husband has always been in good health, never took medication and was an avid athlete. He also is a firefighter and was in extremely good condition. He is unable to continue with his career and wants his health returned. Please advise, we need some guidance with this matter. Please help!

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