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Woman walks away from wheelchair after recovering from Lyme disease

July 23, 2018 Chronicle Herald by Nikki Sullivan

PORT CALEDONIA — Melissa Boutilier knows how quickly life can change after you get Lyme disease and how hard it can be to diagnose it.

In July 2015, Boutilier biked around the Cabot Trail for a Heart and Stroke Foundation fundraiser. She was also getting ready to buy her first home and was enjoying her job at Grant Thorton.

By August, she was experiencing flu-like symptoms, chest pain and extreme fatigue. Then came changes in her cognitive abilities, something she calls constant brain fog. One morning she woke up to find red, burning rashes on her face and arms. She said they felt like “someone took a hot iron and put it on my face.”

“It was absolutely petrifying. I remember showing them to doctors and them not knowing what it was. . . . It felt like they didn’t care about it and it was terrifying,” Bouitlier, 28, said.

She started gaining weight and soon couldn’t get out of bed. After six months…

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  1. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I suspect I have Lyme. I have been sick for a few years. September 2016 I ended up hospitalized when I became so confused I couldn’t figure out how to use a cell phone. My husband took me to emergency and they admitted me because my eucinophils were off the charts high. They suspected a parasite, bone marrow cancer, or a drug reaction but eventually had no answers and discharged me. MRI shows many stroke like events which I have been working to recover from. I have no diagnosis and I’m still sick. My symptoms are severe fatigue, muscle cramps, aching neck, shoulders and back. I’ve tried but get no help from any doctors I’ve seen so far. Can someone suggest who to see?

  2. I suggest you contact Igenex Lab in Palo Alto California and order their Lyme Testing kit. My wife was tested in Ontario for Lyme and the test was negative. Sent the blood to Igenex and with 8 days we got the results, Positive for Ehrlichiosis, a coinfection often found with Lyme etc. At least you’ll have the evidence that you have it or not. There are many clinics to help but I am in Ontario and don’t know of any in Manitoba. PS the test cost us CDN$1775.00


    I am not in any way associated with that lab


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