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New Brunswick, Canada – Researchers begin ‘Tick Patrol’ looking for Lyme disease

FREDERICTON – Researchers from Mount Allison University have begun dragging for ticks in different parks and forests throughout New Brunswick, looking to test the ticks for Lyme disease.

Dr. Vett Lloyd, a professor of biology at the university, was diagnosed with the disease three years ago.

“I was paralyzed in half my body, so it took six months before I was able to walk again. But it can be treated,” she said. 

Lloyd says Lyme disease is growing in the province. It’s a bacterial infection caused by Borrelia bacteria, usually spread through a tick bite. While early infection can be treated with antibiotics, an array of symptoms can appear if left untreated.

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  1. Hello this is the 3rd tick removed from the dog and cat in 2mos. I kept this one and I would like to have it tested if possible as i am very concern about lime disease .is there a number I can call and do I have to keep this creepy tick alive? Thank you lydia duguay
    thank you

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