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Evidence-Based, Patient-Centered Treatment of Erythema Migrans in the United States


Lyme disease, often characterized as a readily treatable infection, can be a debilitating and expensive illness, especially when patients remain symptomatic following therapy for early disease. Identifying and promoting highly effective therapeutic interventions for US patients with erythema migrans (EM) rashes that return them to their pre-infection health status should be a priority. The recently released treatment recommendations by the Infectious Diseases Society of America/American Academy of Neurology/American College of Rheumatology (IDSA/AAN/ACR) for the treatment of US patients fall short of that goal. This paper reviews the US trial evidence regarding EM rashes, discusses the shortcomings of the IDSA/AAN/ACR recommendations in light of that evidence and offers evidence-based, patient-centered strategies for managing patients with erythema migrans lesions.

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