2023 ILADS Conference education grants now available from CanLyme

Learn the latest about Vector-Borne Diseases from the world’s top experts, October 19-21 in Boston, Massachusetts.

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ILADS 24th Annual Scientific Conference
October 19th-21st in Boston, Massachusetts

CanLyme is pleased to announce our annual education grants for Canadian healthcare practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of tick-borne illnesses by attending the 24th Annual ILADS Scientific Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, from October 19th-21st

We have been privileged to support dozens of Canadian healthcare practitioners to attend in previous years, all of whom have found it extremely informative and helpful. We encourage you to apply today.  

Understanding vector-borne diseases

This year’s theme for the conference is “Vector-Borne Diseases: Understanding the Impact of Microbial Communities”. Learn about diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and associated diseases, including emerging topics such as the Lyme/Covid connection, neuroinflammation, the microbiome, and pediatric and persistent Lyme disease. The ILADS conference provides a unique opportunity to learn from the world’s top experts in vector-borne illnesses, connect with colleagues and visit exhibitors. 

Advancing the standard of care

The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, ILADS, is a nonprofit, international, multidisciplinary medical society. ILADS promotes understanding of Lyme and associated diseases through research, education and policy and strongly supports physicians, scientists, researchers and other healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing the standard of care for Lyme and associated diseases.

Why go?

Tick borne illnesses are on the rise and can be complicated, and difficult to diagnose and treat.  For health care practitioners on the front lines, it can be challenging to keep up on emerging developments in disease diagnosis, progression, and treatments. ILADS provides a unique opportunity to hear from experts across a variety of disciplines and to capture practical knowledge that you can apply in your own practice. The ILADS Conference serves as an excellent opportunity to learn and connect with international experts in the field.

ILADS conference grants

ILADS Scientific Conference includes three days of presentations from top experts and researchers. The ILADS Vector-Borne Illness Fundamentals is also available on the first day of the conference. CanLyme is offering a limited number of grants to pre-approved applicants to cover approximately 75% of the conference registration fee. Learn more about our grant program by visiting our education grants page, and share with healthcare practitioners wanting to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses

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