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Cancer specialist with Lyme disease – his battle with diagnosis and bureaucracy

Cancer specialist at Duke University Medical Center, Dr. Neil Spector, tells his story of getting a diagnosis … if your doctor doubts your opinion, get a new opinion when you know you know something is wrong. Do not accept a negative Lyme test result … Watch video

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  1. I also was bitten by a tick and have suffered ever since… The doctor after 2 weeks of agony finally put me on 7 days of antibiotics .. then left me until the pain and illness struck again with bladder infections after bladder infections , achy muscles , pain in the stomach, head aches , pain in the muscles so bad i could hardly get up., diarrhea and puss in the bowels… what is wrong with the medical profession? Do they not realize how serious a tick bite and the venom they excrete into the body is ? it has been a year and I still am not functioning well. The sun really makes me ill, the headaches are more frequent , the muscles ache ,the stomach is upset more , the urine and bowels have not gotten back to normal or near normal. Diagnosed but not treated right …. Suffering in silence as the medical profession is not educated enough on this killer disease//

  2. I suspect it took more than the heart transplant to restore Dr. Spector’s health. Long term antibiotic therapy wasn’t even mentioned. Changing doctors in Canada at this time probably wouldn’t result in a proper diagnosis.

    Too bad our Canadian medical doctors couldn’t see this.

  3. Hi Robert,
    Yes, the interview was edited to fit a several minute segment. They did not even touch upon the 4 years of misdiagnosed Lyme Disease, the months of i.v. antibiotic treatment, and then the 12 years of living with the irreversible cardiac damages from the infection. The entire story is described in my book (Gone In a Heartbeat: A Physician’s Search for True Healing”).

    Hey, maybe I should see if the Canadian Medical Society would invite me give a talk at their annual meeting.



  4. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your story! Hope you do get to speak at the Canadian medical society. We need high profile Lyme patients from respected demographics to stand up for Canadians struggling with Lyme in Canada. Will check out your book!

    Thank you!


  5. Do not wait for a definitive diagnosis of Lyme disease. Take a broad spectrum antibiotic immediately.

  6. I’ve been living with Lyme Disease now for 13 years, 8 of which we misdiagnosed. 2 years ago, I started having heart issues, SVT they are telling me. Cardiologist wanted to do ablation surgery, I chose a natural route of Nattokinase, which kept symptoms at bay for two years. They are back now. I’m concerned. So my question is: what test can I ask for to see if the bacteria is in my heart?
    I appreciate your time. Thank you.

  7. Hi, if anyone would like to be in touch regarding creating more frequent support group meetings [in GTA] to discuss our recovery paths, please do so: Cory korazorba(at)gmail.com. I am looking to connect with more recovering Lyme and co-infection individuals.

    Many kind thanks,

  8. Dr. Neil Spector!
    I wish some one could tell all those Doctors and Canadian Labs there is Lyme disease. My doctor seen the bulls eye the red rush on my arm. I had them do Blood work all negative. I spoke to someone who has Lyme he had to go to the USA for treatment very sad, he asked me about some of the system and he thinks it sounds like Lyme he also told me he had to send blood test to USA CA Lab.I will be in CA in NOV.and I will have blood work done I am not waiting and trusting Canadian system. I know there is something wrong in my system I am healthy 74 year old lady do not take any medication the only thing I drink is Tahitian Noni. If you have any advice what else I can do it would help.
    thank you Maria Magyar

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