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Lyme disease in Ireland: This is a global threat that is being denied by government bureaucrats around the world who are tied to the United States Center for Disease Control.

Article on Lyme disease sparks calls for awareness campaign

March 11, 2018

A UK SCIENTIST, whose daughter contracted Lyme disease in Bantry, says she would like to be part of an Irish awareness campaign on the tick-borne disease.

Responding to reports of high rates of the disease in West Cork and South Kerry, detailed recently in The Southern Star, Helga Frost explained how her daughter, Heidi contracted the disease at their home in West Cork.

‘In 1999, my youngest daughter Heidi, then 8 years old, …

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  1. I was hoping to learn how the governments in other countries are being influenced by the US CDC to not develop valid lyme testing or treatments. I have been wondering this. The Overall article title led me to think that the article would discuss this. Is this a series of articles? Thank you very much for publishing lyme-related news.

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