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This success story cannot happen in Canada without doctors licences being at risk from our very conflict of interest laden health care system that crosses federally to the provinces, then remarkably closely to the United States private organization the Infectious Disease Society of America that is rife with anti-science rhetoric and conflict of interest. Has Canada been the victim of medical fraud? Perhaps.

A family’s fight for their son en route to NCAA tournament history


… “Instead of running to the sink like most middle schoolers and washing his hands as fast as he could, 13-year-old Connor Odom would wash, rewash and then wash his hands again. His mother, Lucia Odom, thought it was odd, but didn’t really worry until, over time, she saw his hands — red, chaffed and nearly raw up to his wrists.”

… “One of the factors was Lyme disease, which the Odoms believe has been in Connor’s system since he was 18 months old.

“He woke up one morning and half his face wasn’t moving,” Lucia said. “We went to a specialist to try and figure out what it was and they said Bell’s palsy. We treated him for 30 days with a steroid and it went away.”

…. “His parents believe the Lyme disease had been lurking in Connor’s bloodstream for more than a decade, triggering his OCD along with the strep when he hit puberty”

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One Comment

  1. I do believe I was bitten by a tick about July 01/16.
    On or around August 4 to 07 /16 I had a Bell’s Palsy event.
    In late Sept or Oct of the same year I started to get very sore swollen tendons in my legs. The big ones near the top.
    I also had inflammation of my lymph nodes upper legs both sides and arm pits both sides.
    I started to develop all kinds of aches and pains! Knees, lower back, leg muscles, aching feet bones etc.
    I went for several MRI’s a bone scan , x rays etc. To no avail….although I am now 63, everything was coming back normal for a 63 yr. old male.
    I realized I must have Lyme disease , and passed this information on to my Dr. He was unimpressed with my self diagnosis.
    He had my blood tested , and it came back negative. Did another test, negative again!
    I never had a rash, nor did I ever find an actual tick.
    I was however in Southern Ontario , Quebec, Maine , New Hampshire and Vermont in the spring and summer of /16.
    My top lip started to quiver almost nonstop about 4 days before my Bell’s Palsy event. I have not been right since then.
    I am now being treated with doxycycline 100 x 2 /day. My lower back started to get better right away. My large tendons improving slowly, but getting better.
    From suspected infection date till treatment started was just short of 3 years! I wonder if I can recover fully ?

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