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Study of pediatric patients shows two-tier testing results cannot rule out Lyme borreliosis.

Two-Tier Lyme Disease Serology Test Results Can Vary According to the Specific First-Tier Test Used Published: February 22, 2019 Abstract Background Variability in 2-tier Lyme disease test results according to the specific first-tier enzyme immunoassay (EIA) in children has not been examined rigorously. In this study, we compared paired results of clinical 2-tier Lyme disease tests to those of the Continues →

Ottawa, Canada: Lyme disease can’t keep Manotick baker down

 Manotick News By  Emma Jackson   Veronique Ayling has been dreaming of her own cupcake shop for the better part of a decade. The Greely resident grew up in the Laurentians baking with her grandmother, but instead of opening her own shop she joined the Canadian Armed Forces, where she works in its investigations unit. But since the start of a Continues →

United States: Lyme Victory as Bill passes US House of Representatives

[CanLyme note: Congratulations to to the US House of Representatives for passing this important legislation. Years of hard work by Lyme disease advocates and dedicated representatives has moved the Lyme issue one step closer to taking the control away from the medical political, for-profit associated, bureaucrats and giving it back to pure scientists and patients.  Bill C-442 in Canada unanimously Continues →

CBC TV Manitoba: Tick season in Manitoba: Causes death

Tick season in Manitoba: causes death In 2011, Michelle Millar and her partner Jim were bitten by ticks carrying Lyme disease and other illnesses. Jim later died. CBC’s Jill Coubrough reports. Michelle gives a great talk on how her life as she knew it was taken from her.  Victim or Lyme, and victim of a very poor medical system. Watch Continues →

CBC TV, Ottawa : Lyme Disease advocate calls for stronger treatment

Advocates for people with Lyme disease want public health agencies to take a more aggressive stance in treating the tick-carried disease early, before it leads to later health complications.  With summer weather arriving, Ottawa Public Health is again warning the public to watch out for signs of Lyme disease, an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacteria transmitted through the Continues →

Long-term Lyme disease treatment doesn’t burden insurers, panel says

By Christian M. Wade  Statehouse Reporter The Eagle Tribune Sat May 24, 2014, 12:07 AM EDT BOSTON – Lyme disease patients who suffer chronic symptoms look to long-term antibiotics for help, but often they lose support of insurers who are only willing to pay for short-term treatment. Rep. Theodore Speliotis, D-Danvers, has tried for nearly a decade to press insurance companies Continues →