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Global TV Edmonton: Famous singer [Kris Kristofferson] puts spotlight on Lyme disease

Campers stand at the edge of the water at sunset watching the stars come out, with the CanLyme logo floating in the foreground.
June 13th, 2016

Kris Kristofferson told Rolling Stone Country that doctors thought he had dementia and then he tested positive for Lyme. As Su-Ling Goh reports, cases are a lot more common than some doctors think.

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  1. I have diagnosed with ALS, I am wondering if I have Lyme disease.
    is there any way that I know if I am positive or not, a blood test?
    please answer me!!!

  2. I have been diagnosed with ALS, but I am not satisfied .
    I am thinking of Lyme disease, is there any way that I know that if I am positive or not by simply a blood test?

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