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CanLyme director responds to Canadian Medical Association Journal commentary.

Counter Points —  Robert G. Murray, Director, CanLyme.com

The commentary from Dr. Dan Gregson et al. signals that there will be no change in the medical community in the treatment of Lyme disease and attitudes around it despite all the hopes of the public and politicians after the passage of Bill C-442. The Canadian testing is deeply flawed and woefully inadequate. It does a great disservice to the patients and there is not enough research being done on ticks and the many pathogens that they can carry. Their analysis failed to inform Canadians that the Government-approved tests in Canada come from for-profit corporations who are dictated to by the …

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  1. In the interest of public education, wouldn’t it be a good idea to reference the Treatment section of your page with the studies supporting pulse and combination therapy, how it should be conducted, and other details? Also, more specifics on treatment such as types of antibiotics and related protocols would be helpful information, again with referenced research. A quick review of your web page, and I really don’t feel I have learned much more about lyme disease and its treatment than I knew before.

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