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Long time Lyme disease patient advocate warns Nova Scotians about ticks and medical practices

[CanLyme Note: Here we are in 2019 and doctors are still telling patients not to worry about a tick attachment. Ticks are nature’s dirty little needle and they carry much more than just Lyme disease.  Some of these other diseases can be transmitted shortly after attachment. Watching and waiting only allows disease to spread making treatment much more difficult, and sometimes impossible, rendering the person totally disabled.  More Canadians are succumbing to poor medical practices each day across Canada while medical societies and governments fight for the status quo of intentionally doing harm.]

May 15th, 2019  by Brenda Sterling-Goodwin, New Glasgow,NS

To the Editor:

The weather is slowly improving and more people are active and moving outdoors.  I had a call from someone the other week who was bitten while doing yard work and found the tick the next day but unfortunately did not save the tick.  I also had contact with someone who had taken a child to the ER with a tick attached. The triage nurse removed the tick and flushed it down the drain and they were told nothing to worry about and keep an eye on the site. …

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