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Ontario family had to move to B.C. for Lyme disease treatment

Campers stand at the edge of the water at sunset watching the stars come out, with the CanLyme logo floating in the foreground.

“For many Canadians, Lyme disease is not a concern that is top of mind. If you’re walking through a tall patch of grass or camping with your family, a small alarm bell might go off reminding you to check for ticks that may be carrying Lyme disease.

For Louis Themeles, a tick bite didn’t seem like a big concern.

Louis and his wife Rachel are from Hamilton, Ont. where he works as a school teacher and she is an office administrator with Hamilton Health Sciences. They have two healthy and active young boys and in all ways are a loving and typical Canadian family.

Ten years ago, Louis’s brother noticed a tick on his back. According to Louis, it was probably there for a couple of weeks and was removed as soon as they became aware.

“[Lyme disease] wasn’t on the forefront of my mind or anyone’s mind,” he said. “It was not in the mind of, say, someone in their mid- to early-20s.” …”

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