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Disulfiram (Tetraethylthiuram Disulfide) in the Treatment of Lyme Disease and Babesiosis: Report of Experience in Three Cases

Three patients, each of whom had required intensive open-ended antimicrobial therapy for control of the symptoms of chronic relapsing neurological Lyme disease and relapsing babesiosis, were able to discontinue treatment and remain clinically well for periods of observation of 6–23 months following the completion of a finite course of treatment solely with disulfiram. One patient relapsed at six months and is being re-treated with disulfiram.

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  1. Dr here in Canada will not even prescribe antibiotics without a positive test results for lymes my daughter got 10 days treatment as she was coughing uncontrollably and got migraines so severe an on call dr treated her symptoms as was told no one would listen that she was bitten by tick those 10 days antibiotics stopped migraines and cleared up her lungs but her painful joints remain they dont listen drs here how would one get Disalfiram when her own GP wont listen if it was not for a worker taking my daughter to walk in clinic she I beleive would have died

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