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Ottawa mom warns parents to check their kids for ticks after her toddler is diagnosed with Lyme disease

[CanLyme Note: It is nice to hear that the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) ‘may’ be actually taking this seriously finally. Mothers in Ontario and at many other children’s hospitals across Canada in the very recent past have been accused of having Munchausen by Proxy simply because they fought for their children’s rights after a negative test for Lyme disease or misdiagnosis of some other condition. A negative test via the Canadian protocol means absolutely nothing, as the diagnostic protocol in no way rules out Lyme disease, contrary to what alleged experts have been telling us for years.  Most children and adults will not get an identifiable rash. Those who do are the lucky few. The statistics put forward in this article have no basis in fact due to woefully poor diagnostic methods employed and this is not the fault of the reporter.

There are and have been far more cases of Lyme disease in Ontario for a lot of years than officially counted.  Bureaucrats who pose as experts have intentionally set the bar so high for a diagnosis that most will not reach it. Those children whose mother’s were labelled as Munchausen’s only got their life back after the mothers fought back, and more often than not paid thousands of dollars out of pocket needlessly for treatment that the Canadian health care system still to this day refuses based upon very poor science (if it can even be called science). Those children whose parents could not afford to leave Canada did (do) not thrive well or even survive in some cases. Treatment is cheap if people do not have to travel to the extremely expensive US, European or other often exploitative international markets. Unnecessary deaths and a lifetime of disability is or has been the result for those (the vast majority) who can (could) not afford to travel.  Parents lose their homes to financial burden, marriages fail, all under the management of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease of Canada (AMMI). Two entities, one a publicly funded entity (PHAC) and one private self-anointed ‘expert’ entity (AMMI) collude with provincial counterparts by way of the provincial medical officers of health (officers of misinformation and status quo dogma on tick-borne disease) in a very corrupt manner together to control the message, direct the research, direct the medical curriculum, support the medical college policing of Lyme doctors, the monitoring of antibiotic prescriptions written by doctors, and the political spin to mislead the government, the medical community, and the public while destroying lives. PHAC and AMMI and the provincial public health officers fear monger about antibiotic resistance as a reason not to treat effectively. Yet, they offer a ‘1 or 2 pill only’ prevention dose to people who have had a known tick attachment that a ‘non tick-trained doctor’ is supposed to identify as far as the species of tick. Then that doctor must have crystal ball knowledge of where Lyme endemic areas are in Canada for a disease spread randomly by migratory birds. No one has that reliable information, not PHAC, and most assuredly not AMMI. There is zero chance that a doctor has sufficient information to make that call. Offering only 1 or 2 pills to prevent a potential infection is not based in good science, and will increase antibiotic resistance because it educates the entire microbiome of organisms living in each of us to a non-organism-killing taste of the antibiotic to pass along that information to their offspring. Under-treatment drives resistance. We have had far too many calls about people getting ill with Lyme disease after the 1 to 2 pill dose, then they are refused further treatment as their symptoms are labelled as anything and everything but Lyme disease, often being told it is now magically an auto-immune disease as opposed to a treatable bacterial infection. They too then seek better health care outside of the psuedo-science of PHAC and AMMI. ‘Farming’ sickness to ‘pharm’ sickness benefits the drug companies who invent a drug and new syndrome for every symptom while never fixing the cause. Drug companies and other mega for profit corporations have far too much influence in our health care system while patients and their experts are blocked from the policy table by way of fake engagement managed by PHAC and AMMI. This is in spite of the excellence of the evidence patient’s and their experts present but which is never allowed to be truly debated where it influences policy – just as ethical science, evidence and health care policy should be. PHAC and AMMI never have to face and create policy with true scientists and the end users of their policy – the patients – many of whom are also scientists.Tokenism, outnumbering, divide and conquer, creating AMMI/PHAC dominated fake research networks, and protecting AMMI and PHAC from hard scientific discussion is their long-standing modality.  We are tired of elected members, deputy Ministers and Ministers who simply go to the failed system of bureaucrats to get explanations that simply support the status quo. They must dig much deeper or they must go. Tick-borne disease is a major threat. A complete independent review of this system with independent experts is required yet we wonder which political party or layer of government federally or provincially has the will to do what is right, and when.  How many more lives will be destroyed while those we elect to protect us simply go for the easy answers that bureaucrats (PHAC) and their self appointed experts (AMMI) feed them?]


Joanne Schnurr, CTV Ottawa
Published Wednesday, June 26, 2019 

An Ottawa mother is warning parents to check their kids carefully for ticks after her toddler was diagnosed with Lyme disease over the weekend.

Jenny Willis believes her 2-year-old got bitten while playing in a backyard.

Willis knows more about deer ticks than she cares to; Lyme disease attacked her husband’s heart 3 years ago.  Now her daughter contracted it, confirming current research by CHEO that Lyme cases among kids is significantly on the rise.

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