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CTV Winnipeg: 12-year-old boy suffers infection from wood tick

June 13th, 2017

… “I felt something on my back, so I pulled it off and it was a tick,” said Ferguson. “So I just killed it and threw it away.”

Logan said it was a wood tick, so he didn’t give it a second thought. But a couple of days later he started feeling sick with headaches and fatigue.

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  1. Last year, my sister had a wood tick on her..She went to see a doctor , and the doctor said it was nothing to worry about. Over a period of a week or so , she complained of being tired (normally full of energy ) and what we thought was a flu.. Later she began to lose her balance and falling and dropping her plate of food…and several days later of a stroke like symptoms……..In a couple of months she died …Neuro surgeon mis diagnosed her illness as being ADEM …Did she have Lyme disease….or encepholitis…To this day I never got honest straight answers from the neurologist…………..I stongly believe the wood tick was the catalyst and why she got sick…Doctors need to take a better look at wood tick bites and infections from any wood tick related incident when persons enter the hospital to see a doctor or at ER centers….

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