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Ontario, Canada: ‘I thought I was going to die’: 3 Dufferin County residents battling Lyme disease hope to help others avoid similar fate

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Apr 29, 2019 – by Alexandra Heck Orangeville Banner

“For three and a half years, Costigan suffered from about 33 different symptoms, including flu, neurological, spasms, headaches and more.

After a slew of testing and referrals to different doctors, there was a clue.

What if it was Lyme disease, one specialist suggested, noting that he wasn’t totally familiar with the disease.”

… ”

“I thought I had MS,” Evans said, explaining that her family physician could not find a diagnosis. She was sent for an MRI, which found white lesions on her brain.

After seeing a Lyme disease specialist in Toronto, Evans was prescribed six months of antibiotics.

“Finally, after two years, I had energy again,” she said.”

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