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Virginia passes law forcing physicians to disclose the limitations of tests

Va. now must disclose the flaws in Lyme disease testing

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BY MARKUS SCHMIDT Richmond Times-Dispatch

Lyme disease is one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases in the United States, but despite testing, many patients are not aware that they are infected until it is too late. New legislation passed by Virginia’s General Assembly is supposed to change that.

A proposal that passed last week would require physicians to provide patients with information about the limitations of tests for Lyme disease.

House Bill 1933, sponsored by Del. Barbara Comstock, R-Fairfax, advanced in the Senate by 38-2 and went to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s desk [who quickly signed it into law].

McDonnell has not commented on the legislation, but the bill’s supporters are hopeful that he will sign it. In 2010, McDonnell had appointed a task force to explore treatment and prevention for Lyme disease.

“This is a patient’s bill,” said Monte Skall, executive director of the National Capital Lyme Disease Association in Washington.

[Of course the powerful medical lobby opposed the Bill, stating only they can determine health policy.  They want the status quo of the past 30 years during which they mismanaged every aspect of Lyme disease so that the medical money machine, commonly referred to as the medical mofia, can continue to farm sickness to pharm sickness while denying chronic Lyme disease exists, allowing medical disability insurers to save on medical disability payments. Disability is off loaded onto the tax-payer.  Drug companies pharm sickness by inventing a new drug every year for the many symptoms while never dealing with the cause. 

Shareholders own shares in the drug companies and insurers, so they are all happy.  Health CARE is not the issue for them… it is all about disease management for the maximum profit. 

Those “medical leaders” within the medical licensing boards and societies have been groomed for years prior to being put in their respective positions throughout Canada and the USA… they are not health CARE interested by virtue of their grooming and most are too naive to even realize it… requiring legislation to protect us from them, strangely because we provided legislation to allow them to run amok with no oversight.

This is why many states in the USA have enacted legislation specific to taking away power of the medical puppets and giving it back to the patient.]

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  1. they keep saying once you have it, it stays for life… i’m 41, been 5 years… in France, you now have to ask your physician to write a letter about lyme suspicions and provide positive PCR tests… i told the bitch on the phone ” i should only have to tell your ass i got bit by ticks 5 years ago and life has been hell since”… cheers to my fellas lymies!

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