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Barrie, Ont., dad with Lyme disease caught in medical limbo



BARRIE, Ont. — Much like the tick that carries it, Lyme disease has reared its ugly head again.

Tyler Andrews said he was working on a home in Ontario’s Muskoka region in 2013 when he started to feel ill.

At the time, the 38-year-old carpenter thought he had the flu and worked during the day and suffered through fevers and chills at night.

It wasn’t until he started losing the feeling in his feet while driving that everything changed.

“It was on Nov. 2, I lost the use of my legs,” Andrews said.

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  1. I’ve been affected..had the bull’seye rash on chest.. aches…pains…been on disability for years now..l fall down a lot..lm in chronic pain..now all my internal organs are acting up..they call it fibromyalgia…but it’s chronic Lyme disease! I was working as a groomer for a decade and a half..picked off countless ticks…lve tried antibiotics..nothing helps..l use a walker..l eat healthy but have IBS..heart palpitations. Chronic pain and fatigue..my thyroid now does not work..eating glutten free helps…Doctors in Canada need to get it together and do more in acknowledging it exists!!

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