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Why Donate to CanLyme? CanLyme Research Dollars Funding Young Scientists for our Future Gain.

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We are an all volunteer organization with many Canadian and international science advisors. diagnostics and treatment are woefully inadequate.

A partnership between Mount Allison University and CanLyme is producing fruit by opening minds of young scientists and creating a foundation for the future of research into the complex world of borreliosis (Lyme disease and tick borne relapsing fever). Too few eyes have been allowed to look to date due in large part to research funding practices. See the latest in 2019, “A Multiple Streams Approach to Understanding the Issues and Challenges of Lyme Disease Management in Canada’s Maritime Provinces.”  Read their 2018 – 2019 Annual Report to the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation regarding various research projects funded.

Borrelia and borreliosis have been studied for years but there has been little net gain for those affected. Testing remains unreliable and contentious. Mainstream diagnostic and treatment guidelines are inadequate and not based on the high level scientific evidence one would expect considering their widespread bureaucratic endorsement.

New eyes and fresh ideas are what are needed to move things forward. This is an excellent start and is only the beginning.  CanLyme also funds researchers across Canada through our Venture Grants Program. We are actively engaged in assisting in the development of the research program at the G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab at the University of Guelph and we look forward to a long partnership with them and the G. Magnotta Foundation for Vector Borne Diseases with more funding opportunities to come.

The seeds in Canada are planted and the growth begins …

Read the Mount Allison University annual report:

Tick and Lyme Disease Research at Mount Allison University 2018-19

Tick and Lyme Disease Research at Mount Allison University, 2016-17

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  1. Hopefully treatment can be found for Canadians as from what I’ve been seeing people are resulting to go to the states to find relief from the pain. Hopefully we can find treatment soon.

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