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Jury awards $6.5M to Maine family for wrongful death, negligent misdiagnosis

PORTLAND (WGME) — A Cumberland County jury on Wednesday reportedly ordered Mercy Hospital in Portland and one of its physicians, Dr. John Henson, to pay $6.5 million to the family of a man who died as the result of a misdiagnosis. According to court documents, 25-year-old Peter Smith went to Mercy Hospital in Portland in…

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Ontario family had to move to B.C. for Lyme disease treatment

“For many Canadians, Lyme disease is not a concern that is top of mind. If you’re walking through a tall patch of grass or camping with your family, a small alarm bell might go off reminding you to check for ticks that may be carrying Lyme disease. For Louis Themeles, a tick bite didn’t seem…

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Nova Scotia: Lyme disease advocacy group pushes for awareness, education, new clinic

[CanLyme Note: Sadly this is the case for most Canadians with Lyme disease who do not present with the over-emphasized ‘bulls eye’ rash that occurs in only about 20% of cases. Through policy imposed via the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease of Canada (AMMI), any doctors diagnosing Lyme disease are under pressure and risk…

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Ontario, Canada: Battle with Lyme disease an education for St. Catharines Grade 3 teacher

t started with her legs vibrating in March 2014. Elementary school teacher Shawna Hughes had dealt with some back pain issues, but this was different. She went to doctors. Specialists. Seven neurologists. No one could figure out what was wrong and her condition got worse. She was shaking all the time and her body was…

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Ontario, Canada: Mom urges daily tick inspections after Lyme ‘nightmare’

[CanLyme Note: As usual, infectious disease doctors are intentionally misleading the public. It is very clear from this reporting that the rash is the most important sign of Lyme disease. It is not, just as facial palsy is not common. This is far too serious a disease for misinformation and it is frightening to see it…

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NBC Today Show: Magician spends years trying to solve his medical mystery

Mentalist and magician Max Major is an expert at perception and making things disappear. But for most of his adult life, he hadn’t felt 100%. Joined by Dr. Natalie Azar on the 3rd hour of TODAY, he shares his medical mystery and road to a diagnosis. Watch TV piece

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The Perils of Invisible Disease and Lyme Related Issues

Abstract The perils of invisible disease and Lyme related issues has brought me full circle in life. I have found that what is perceived as professional medicine has become distorted in the many minds that control medicine. This means that when a Doctor is taught one thing that his professors believe to be tried and…

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Dr. Ted Cormode – Lyme disease from my perspective as a pediatrician and father of Lyme disease victim in Canada

Dr. Ted Cormode is a well respected retired pediatrician from Ontario who now resides in British Columbia.  He relates his daughters situation and case reports of other individuals who struggled under the Canadian health care system. Watch this excellent informal, sincere, and educational video. View video

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Pamela Weintraub answers: Why do doctors keep fighting about Lyme Disease?

Because the patients are contested   “They immediately may send the patient to test for all manner of serious immune and neurologic disease, not realizing that Lyme disease itself may cause profound immune and neurologic conditions if it is not treated at once.” Read full article

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Relying on a negative Lyme test can prove deadly. Dr. Dan Cameron

In August of 2013, a 17-year-old boy died suddenly from cardiac arrest. Initially, health officials blamed the Powassan virus for his death. But a recent report in Cardiovascular Pathologist finds that Joseph Elone, from Poughkeepsie, died from Lyme carditis. It was not a rare virus but Lyme disease that claimed the young man’s life. Read…

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British Columbia, Canada: Tick borne disease was misdiagnosed for two decades

Julie Bertrand / Oceanside Star November 13, 2014 12:00 AM Qualicum Beach resident Sue Aldous discovered she had Lyme disease through a chance encounter in a Surrey grocery store. Aldous had suffered chronic health problems since 1984. She had headaches, frequent insomnia and digestive issues. Because of her poor health, she lost her job, her…

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Lyme Misdiagnosis Can Divert Patients From Correct Treatment

[CanLyme Note: We agree totally that a thorough diagnostic work-up should preclude any diagnosis.  Not everything is Lyme borreliosis.  What is so dismaying, however, is the focus of the US CDC MD’s on the few cases such as those listed in this article, while they ignore the tens of thousands of legitimate chronic Lyme disease cases….