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A Mystery Illness That Changed My Life

“As I was getting my body ready for my 1st pregnancy, my doctor at the time was running blood work, and I was told I had a low white blood cell count. This ended up being chronic, and I went through my first and second pregnancy not making anything much of it. I had seen an immunologist and hematologist, and they stated that this was “fine” and that I should have nothing to worry about. It could be genetic. I just had to keep an eye on it for changes. And I trusted what all these doctors said.

Fast forward a few years, and more and more symptoms started showing, adding up to some 40+ symptoms in total. These included fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, muscle pain, thyroid dysfunction, headaches, eye pain, itchy skin, rashes, reoccurring UTIs, interstitial cystitis, tinnitus, heart palpitations, panic attacks, severe anxiety, weight loss, neuropathy . . . to mention a few.”

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