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Ireland: Lyme Disease centre a positive step

[CanLyme Note: Come-on Canada, wake up, we too need a facility that will actually acknowledge the science, the uncertainty, and stop using patients as pawns in a strange game of ego and politics. Ego and politics yields disability, death, employers losing their workforce, families losing their homes and savings.]

Nov 27, 2018

“Despite Lyme Disease being the most common zoonotic disease in Europe, with the numbers of those affected by it increasing rapidly, there is much that is misunderstood about it, even within the medical community.

“Even the basic classification of the disease is a point of contention, with both the HSE and HSPC classifying it as a skin disease but more recent research describing it as a multi-organ inflammatory disorder or autoimmune disorder.”

“I have the greatest faith in Dr. Jack Lambert, who will head up the new centre and I trust that this will be the beginning of the end for Lyme disease in Ireland.”

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  1. I really hope this new Irish LD centre will actually help patients, unlike BC’s shameful failure, the Chronic Complex Disease Program. Lyme disease patients get very little help there, and certainly not effective treatment.

  2. Wish we had a centre in kenora, ontario where i live, this is a major epidemic area, my wife has lyme disease and there is no help there, doctors wont achnolage it , cdc likes to pretend lyme doesnt exist. If it wasnt for our awesome natralpaths in manitoba and british columbia that have helped us. We have positive test results from igenix in US and just recently one from germany i wish our government, CDC and out MD s that dont achnolage it would wake up and realize this is a real disease and its killing many people people and devistating families

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