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Dr. Ted Cormode – Lyme disease from my perspective as a pediatrician and father of Lyme disease victim in Canada

Dr. Ted Cormode is a well respected retired pediatrician from Ontario who now resides in British Columbia.  He relates his daughters situation and case reports of other individuals who struggled under the Canadian health care system.

Watch this excellent informal, sincere, and educational video.

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  1. How can I reach Dr. Cormode? My wife has been diagnosed with late stage lyme disease. Admitted 3rd time this morning to the emergency dept. to get turned back by ER doctor. She has lost considerable weight. She has no energy, complains of intense pain all over her body and states that she is unable to digest any food. She is taking antibiotics since December but no sign of improvement. Is intravenous treatment offered in Canada?

  2. Please contact the Lyme doctor in Plattsburg New York.
    She is very knowledgeable.
    Don’t waste your time with the Canadian Health System. My wife is seeing that doctor and she is doing very well.

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