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Medical community failing Lyme patients, Calgary doctor says

Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizien, May 16th, 2016

Canada’s medical establishment came under pressure at a national conference into Lyme disease Monday, with a Calgary doctor suggesting treatment of some patients contravenes the Canadian Medical Association’s code of ethics.

“We, as the medical community in Canada, are failing our patients,” said Dr. Ralph Hawkins, a Calgary physician who acknowledged his views on Lyme disease are “in the minority”.

The conference opened Sunday night with patients talking about their experiences with Lyme disease, an infectious disease spread by tick bites. At the early stages, Lyme disease can be successfully treated with antibiotics, but if untreated, patients can develop chronic arthritis and neurological symptoms.

“What we heard,” said Hawkins, “reflected dismissiveness, clinical arrogance, condescending patient contact, prejudicial treatment and humiliation. It just about brought me to tears.”

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  1. Thank you Doctor Hawkins for trying to help us with our Lyme Disease ..I have had Lyme for 39 years & only diagnosed one year ago. If only they would try to understand what our Lives are Like ,,I appreciate all the hard work & dedication you & Dr. Mc Shane & Doctor DuBocq & Doctor Vett Lloyd are doing to bring this epidemic Awareness to this Major Problem .

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