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Woman is finally able to put name to debilitating disease

Tsawwassen resident Karen Marchand says she used to pride herself on being a  healthy person, but all that changed a few years ago.

In late 2008, she began suffering from a range of symptoms – back pain as  well as ear and throat infections.

“Just all these things started happening,” she says.

Then, in January 2009, she ended up in the hospital with extreme pain in her  head, neck and abdomen.

Marchand says she was given a battery of tests but doctors were unable to  pinpoint the cause of her pain.

Over the years, she endured a myriad of painful and debilitating symptoms,  and visited numerous doctors, clinics and specialists.

No one was able to tell her what was causing her symptoms. She says she was  told the problem was all in her head, to go home and do yoga.

“Eventually I consulted with a naturopath who diagnosed me with Lyme disease  and additional co-infections,” she says.

May is Lyme Awareness Month and Marchand is organizing a workshop to help  bring awareness to the disease.

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  1. Hello my name is bob,my wife peach has the axact same symtoms as the story I just read I started about 3 years ago she has been to several doctor’s and no one can help her.. can u please help me get my wife back.

  2. POSTING, AND WILL CONTINUE TO POST, THE MOST SHOCKING RESULTS, PICTURES, POSITIVE LYME TESTS, PROOF OF DENIAL, ETC. ON THE MURAKAMI LYME FORUM. (You must search for those three words in order to find it because it appears that attempts to not be able to find this site easily are being made).

    I am suffering (dying actually) from chronic Lyme disease and may not live too much longer due to the now constantly swollen arms and ever falling blood platelets. I have posted letters showing denial despite the fact that I have many Lyme symptoms including many deadly ones that will also surely kill me (about four pages full).

    It was time to prove it by uploading some of my records so you would know that what I was saying was true. Although my name has been removed from them, medical officials will know who is posting them just by the test results. I have also posted pictures of MRIs, etc. including one of my brain with a huge large frog-like thing on top, a spinal picture which appears to have a large hole in it, lung pictures, and very strange looking thoracic pictures.

    I will be continuing to post my battles with the medical system, which will be why I won’t be permitted to have my own doctor and may be refused all medical treatment at all. This is the only way that Lyme patients will be heard. Somewhere, some Lyme patient has to risk being treated even worse as they die, by exposing the medical system for what it is and the way it treats these patients.

    Because only the IgG was positive but not the IgM on the tests, that suggests that I either have no lyme (antibodies only) , or have chronic lyme. There is no way the latter can be true when you read of the many reports, lab tests, x-rays, and MRI’s that have shown that many things are seriously and deadly wrong.

    If necessary I will also post all of the shocking and horrible false statements specialists have made in my records (without posting their names), as well as the brick walls I have encountered trying to get help and the shocking answers I got from the health system.

    Since I’m going to die likely not too far off, there is no longer anything to lose.

    Eventually I may post all of those things on my own website because I fear that maybe some of those posts and especially clear evidence of deliberate and purposeful denial despite four positive results, may be removed (as well as pictures to prove everything).

    These posts, by the way, should be read from the last message and then upward, versus the other way round, because the latest message is on top. Never before will any other Lyme patient have so blatantly proven the complete denial despite hundreds of positive symptoms including many killer symptoms. My arms are now very swollen and my blood platelets have been falling rapidly for many months. I have developed cancer, high risk abnormal eptithelial cells in uterus, multiple skin changes including an extra hundred or so nevi, many precancerous changes, a large pituitary tumour over 1 cm and all of the associated painful bone growth with it (because doctor’s don’t believe in acromegaly either). I will also post shocking comments made the three or so times in 15 years I was permitted to see an endocrinologist despite the fact that my tumour quadrupled in size. I have explained, I believe, or will, why it is highly likely that breast cancer will metastasize to the pitutary tumour yet this will not be monitored more than once every few years. There will be one shock after another posted. This is the only way people will know what’s happening in the system.

    I have posted my four positive lyme results (Elisa and Western blot IgG at this web site under the Lyme support Section. It’s Dr. Murakami’s web chat forum. You have to sign in to read it.

    A space has been put below the letter m in the link below below, on purpose, so you can’t click on it from here. This is save bandwidth for this site, so if you go there you will have to cut this and paste it into your url and then remove the space.
    http:// murakamicentreforlyme.org/LymeChat%20Forum.htm

    When I die, I want the world to know “WHY” I died. At that time I also want my real name posted, which you will know (I believe). I also want all the details I posted spread around the world.

    What is so bothersome, is that cancer patients can get treatment forever, even though there is no proof that chemo has worked, and in fact it often kills aggressively later.

    I believe AIDS patients and those undergoing a sex change operation will also be funded, while Lyme patients are not even so much as permitted to deduct the extremely high costs of natural medicines they must purchase in order to survive.

    I hope to shock the living daylights out of the world in the coming months by continuing posts, either on Murakami’s site (in the Lyme patients forum) or later on my own. These things must get out and there is no other way to do it. Now that I don’t think I will live much longer, I have nothing to lose.

    For now I am using a fake name but as more information gets out, you may all learn who I am and who those records belong to, as if I would care at that stage.

    When you see these records, as well as the hundreds of mistakes, untruths, etc. which I can and will prove, that will hopefully shock many people, you will understand why it’s ever so important for every single patient to be given copies of every X-Ray, MRI, and lab report – ultra, ultra important. Without that, Lyme patients have no idea about what is taking place. Some of them are aware, I learned at the first Calgary Lyme meeting, that indeed harmful things are being put in their records.

    The biggest problem in Canada, as you will also learn by these postings over time, is that patients are not treated as a whole, but rather as several pieces of body parts. Each specialist specializes in his own body part, not understanding the deadly connections with symptoms in other body parts and usually not even knowing about them. Lyme patients have extraordinarily long medical records from so many deadly symptoms, muscle spasms, eye problems ear pain, lung and breathing problems and so on, which makes it almost impossible for one body part specialist to be aware of what the other body part specialist knows.

    I was given two weeks worth of Doxycyline (100mg twice a day) not because of Lyme (despite what it says in the reports, because you will also see they still deny it) but because of the constant underarm swelling. Because I am no longer permitted to discuss this disease with medical officials, and because neither I, my doctors, nor my specialists are permitted to see copies of the actual Western blot BAND BREAKDOWN results because –get this — the Federal office is out of the jurisdiction of most of us, (Yes I was told that) no specialist in this country will ever have much of a chance of advancing at anything I suspect. Also, no doctor or patient will be able to advance or learn more about this disease when so much is hidden in secret.

    It’s not right that doctors must go to their MP’s to get copies of the band breakdowns when patients test positive. In fact its insane and requires a breach of privacy on the part of all Lyme patients except for those who are in close proximity (so called jurisdiction) of the National microbiology lab.

    It’s all these sorts of things (as well as Lyme patients being forced to not just learn about their diseases because doctors aren’t taught in medical schools about the most dangerous infectious and fast spreading disease in the world, that also makes doctors not want to treat Lyme patients at all, which is why patients like me will never have a physician of my own.

    Half of the doctors I have seen don’t even know how to spell Lyme and most won’t be able to name a single coinfection or understand why these are such deadly killers, especially Ehrlichiiosis, Afzellii, and Babesia. I have also posted results of what happened when I tried to order a Babesia test and what the results were.

    Hopefully all of those things will still be on that website. Will copy them for posting on my own soon, just in case.

    I don’t like it that they will treat my platelets only when they reach 50 (think they are about 90 now), because I know that 99% of Canadian doctors won’t know that they can kill a Babesia patient if they remove the spleen, yet Canada is unable to test for this disease.

    Trying to treat cancers also seems foolish now, when so many scientists are showing that Ehrliciosis not only promotes cancer by affecting some P proteins (P53 if I recall), but is also a stealth promoter. It will take scientists years to admit that because they will be forced to protect the cancer industry and preserve the jobs of millions of researchers, but the evidence seems quite strong that those who get acromegaly are highly subject to cancers, especially certain types such as breast, bone, colon, skin and melanomas which 99% of the doctors won’t know about either.

    I believe that many pituitary tumours in the first place are caused by Lyme, just as more and more of the most deadly killers seem to be, including MS. (Alberta has among highest number of cases in the world despite the fact that they don’t like testing for it when so many signs are there. They also have the lowest number of Lyme cases in the world may be due to what appears to be outright denial no matter how many positive tests and hundreds of deadly symptoms a patient has — certainly in my case anyway).

    Other diseases commonly found to be connected with it, from what I have read, are Crohn’s, Morgellon’s, lumpus, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimers, (which I’m scared of because of the huge white frog-like picture I posted on my brain), and yes, of course rheumatoid arthritis, as well as most central nervous system diseases.

    Since my lungs have also changed for no explainable reason, and I have had wildly fluctuating EKGs, fake heart attacks, eye problems such as diplopia in each eye followed by problems in one eye followed by permanent problems in the other a week later followed by intermittent and severe but moving ear pain, as well as facial numbness from time to time, I also strongly believe that Lyme may have strong connections to tuberculosis, which 1/3 of the world now has (best kept secret), and which in many cases is untreatable. Although they state that only 10% of the world has Lyme, likely 90% of the cases of that are also denied.

    It seems that Lyme may cause most of the world’s killer diseases, including pituitary tumours and tuberculosis itself, which maybe why doctors don’t like testing for those things despite many other symptoms such as severe and advanced degenerative disk disease, osteoarthritis, kyphosis, lordosis, breathing problems (intermittent), as well as a record of severe respiratory functions lasting weeks and usually bringing up blood in the past. (Most disappeared after I pleaded for the pneumonia shot before most people were allowed it because i wasn’t yet 65).

    Why are doctors taught so little, and almost nothing, in fact, about the symptoms of the world’s deadliest and/or fastest spreading infectious diseases? Some senior doctors will also admit that. Why would 99% likely not clue in at all, to the symptoms of Lyme, MS, and TB, even when tests show that any or all of these may be prevalent?

    Lately I have been reading a fair bit also about the possibility of Lyme also being in the milk and/or meat of a cattle who are bitten by ticks the same as deer. In fact, because of Lyme’s prevalence, and because one of Hitler’s scientists who experimented with biowarfare by injecting mosquitoes and fleas with Lyme, (was imported into the USA where Lyme first started spreading from at Plum Island, across from what has now been renamed Lyme, Connecticut, there is little doubt in my mind that soon the entire world should have it.

    Imagine how horrid it would be if it were to be discovered that nearly every existing disease today was caused by it. Millions of researchers would lose their six-figure income jobs, which is why it will likely take another 50- years to discover this despite what appears to be astounding amounts of evidence out there now.

  3. Correction: Why are doctors taught so little, and almost nothing, in fact, about the symptoms of the world’s deadliest and/or fastest spreading infectious diseases? Some senior doctors will also admit that. Why would 99% likely not clue in at all, to the symptoms of Lyme, MS, and TB, even when tests show that any or all of these may be prevalent?

    Sorry, meant PRESENT versus PREVALENT

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