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Mount Allison’s Lyme Research Network launches Maritime Tick Portal

Nov 15th, 2017

SACKVILLE, NB — Mount Allison University’s Lyme Research Network (LYRN) has released a new resource to help New Brunswickers track ticks in the region.

The website – maritimetickmaps.ca – allows users to explore maps of the current and projected geographic distribution of the blacklegged tick in New Brunswick. The project is a collaboration between Mount Allison biologist Dr. Vett Lloyd and Dr. David Lieske, Mount Allison geography and environment professor and director of the Geospatial Modelling Lab (GML) as part of the LYRN

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  1. We know the ticks are here. It’s only going to get worse and there are going to be more and more cases of Lyme disease. People are suffering and some have had to go to the United States to get effective treatment. This is absurd. We need to take care of this ourselves stop the spread of the ticks and stop the spread of Lyme disease and treat the Lyme disease when it is present

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