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‘No one wanted to touch it’: Why a Lyme disease vaccine has been so elusive

Cassandra Willyard December 16th, 2019

…”If the new vaccine does make it to market, will it fare any better than LYMErix? According to >Gregory Poland, co-director of the Vaccine Research Group at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who has given scientific advice to Valneva, that’s “a multi-million dollar question.”

One factor that led to LYMErix’s demise hinged on how the vaccine worked..”

…”The Food and Drug Administration never found any compelling scientific evidence to support this theory, but that didn’t stop people who believed they were harmed by the vaccine from speaking out and filing a class-action lawsuit. Sales of LYMErix tanked, and in 2002 SmithKline Beecham withdrew the vaccine. The following year, the company paid more than a million dollars in legal fees to settle the class action lawsuit.”

…”Valneva’s new vaccine works like LYMErix, but with two key differences. LYMErix only provided protection against one strain of Borrelia found in North America, while Valneva’s vaccine protects against the six most common strains in the northern hemisphere, including those in Europe. Also, Valneva has eliminated the human protein-mimicking segment of the OspA protein and replaced it with a similar sequence from another strain as a “precautionary measure,” says Thomas Lingelbach, Valneva’s CEO. The company doesn’t have human efficacy data yet, but Lingelbach doesn’t expect that the swap will affect the vaccine’s ability to protect against the disease.”

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  1. Truth is simple. The CDC altered the case definition of Lyme at Dearborn in 1994 so they could launch their patented vaccine ignoring the science of whistleblowers like Kathleen Dickson. http://www.truthcures.org. Truth is simple. Cover up lies strive to complicate.

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