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Saskatchewan: Sask. Lyme disease patients are falling through the cracks

The Saskatchewan government says there have been three cases of Lyme disease in the province since 2008. Five Lyme patients beg to differ.


Anika Kosteniuk was 13 years old when a tick bite changed her life.

She was on vacation in Virginia, on the acreage of her great-aunt and uncle, when she found an eight-legged bug in her armpit.

Around the same time, on another acreage near Indian Head, Danah White also got a life-altering tick bite.

Like most Lyme patients seeking treatment in Saskatchewan, White and Kosteniuk have been through the medical-system ringer.

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  1. I have had all symptoms except the noticeable bullseye bruise. I can’t even function. A test was done and I was told that it was negative. I look at the pics of rashes and the almost x-files skin patch discoloration on the web…and that is me…I have had this and no one will help…what do I do…just suffer? It’s been six years now and it does not get better! I wish I could insert a photo.

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