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The Perils of Invisible Disease and Lyme Related Issues


The perils of invisible disease and Lyme related issues has brought me full circle in life. I have found that what is perceived as
professional medicine has become distorted in the many minds that control medicine. This means that when a Doctor is taught one
thing that his professors believe to be tried and true knowledge of a disease, the Doctor will likely not sway from those teachings.
These are the controllers of medicine. The Doctors are, for the most part, not trouble-shooters and problem-solvers as they are book
learners. They may want you to think they are king of the patients’ world. However, in the world of silent diseases such as tick-borne
issues, they are often the patients’ dimming hope and demise.

[Quote from article: “Our medical system has found itself comfortable and profitable in a disease system –more than in a true diagnosis and treat system. Our profitable disease system will have to change as Lyme and associated diseases mimic over 300 different illnesses and diseases.” At CanLyme we have found that by the time the individual comes to us for advice, they are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and often times taking several ‘symptom management’ drugs that leave them disabled. Getting help from within our healthcare system has been all but impossible.]

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  1. Geoffrey Chaucer made not of this enduring relationship in the 14th Century Physician’s Tale as part of the Canterbury Tales. Perhaps today we can now include the long-term health disability insurance industry as part of this network.

    “He believes that gold is good for the heart
    He knew the cause of every illness, what humor engenders them, and how to cure them.
    Studied the teaching of the famous doctors of antiquity.
    In league with the apothecary—worked with the pharmacist to make more money off of people.
    “All his apothecaries in a tribe
    Were ready with the drugs he would prescribe,
    And each made money from the other’s guile;
    They had been friendly for a goodish while.”

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