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Ontario, Canada: Mom urges daily tick inspections after Lyme ‘nightmare’

[CanLyme Note: As usual, infectious disease doctors are intentionally misleading the public. It is very clear from this reporting that the rash is the most important sign of Lyme disease. It is not, just as facial palsy is not common. This is far too serious a disease for misinformation and it is frightening to see it coming from those who claim they are the experts. Because of reports like this doctors and the public expect to see a rash before they consider Lyme disease. Reporters need to do their homework and not simply accept what they are being told. In this report from Nova Scotia only 18% of children with Lyme had any rash at all. Only a small subset of the bacteria that causes Lyme disease will cause any rash. https://canlyme.com/lyme-basics/symptoms/classic-lyme-rash/  Because of misinformation like this report, combined with poor testing and diagnostic manipulation supported by government, over 90% of cases of Lyme disease are missed in Canada according to this Canadian study https://canlyme.com/2018/10/20/lyme-disease-vastly-under-detected-in-canada-according-to-new-study/ ]

July 31, 2019


The mother of a five-year-old boy from eastern Ontario now recovering from Lyme disease and meningitis says some doctors still aren’t recognizing the symptoms, and is calling for better education about them.

Mandy Green said that last week, an emergency room doctor and a family doctor mistook her son Chase’s condition for the flu or an allergy and sent him back to their home in Kemptville, south of Ottawa.

Days later, Chase ended up in a hospital bed at the area’s children’s hospital, hooked up to heart monitors and an IV to pump antibiotics through his system.

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