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New podcast: Navigating Lyme disease with scientist and author Dr. Shelley Ball

This week Sarah is joined by Dr. Shelley Ball, an evolutionary ecologist, fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and Founder and President of Biosphere Environmental Education, a social enterprise focused on connecting people with nature. She was also a founding member of the inaugural Homeward Bound Women In Science Leadership Expedition to Antarctica. In…

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Global TV addresses Lyme for Lyme awareness

“Raising awareness about Lyme disease With more people heading out to enjoy the great outdoors, comes a timely reminder to avoid tick bites. Sarah Cormode, host of the podcast “Looking at Lyme”, explains how she is raising awareness about Lyme disease and the signs and symptoms to watch out for.” Watch news clip

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New Podcast: Continuing medical education for physicians

As Dr. Maloney says, “Research is our way out of this.” This is our kind of expert leading the way in the field. In today’s podcast, Sarah explores a comprehensive (and free!) online education program designed for healthcare professionals, which was founded by Lyme disease expert, Dr. Betty Maloney. Listen to podcast

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Borrelia burgdorferi-Induced Changes in the Class II Self-Immunopeptidome Displayed on HLA-DR Molecules Expressed by Dendritic Cells

September 2020 The MHC class II antigen processing and presentation pathway has evolved to derive short amino acid peptides from proteins that enter the endocytic pathway, load them onto MHC class II molecules and display them on the surface of antigen presenting cells for recognition by CD4+ T cells. Under normal circumstances, peptides bound to MHC…

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Phase 4 Block of the Right Bundle Branch Suggesting His-Purkinje System Involvement in Lyme Carditis

[CanLyme Note: As new research unfolds we are discovering that borrelia other than Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) are pathogenic to humans.  Much research is required to garner a broader understanding of cardiovascular and other system involvement and presentation.  Testing currently is too focused on Bb and even with that it has many limitations and inaccuracies resulting in many…

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Canada’s CTV investigative reporting show W5 explores Lyme disease: Bitten

Nov. 21, 2020 W5 TV show delves into Lyme disease and the lack of proper diagnostics and treatment in Canada. Patients stories are told and important issues are discussed that can affect most Canadians either by themselves, family or friends in the coming years. Watch Bitten

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New Podcast: Dr. Ralph Hawkins shares his medical expertise and hands on experience diagnosing and treating Lyme disease

September 1st, 2020 Dr. Hawkins has been treating Lyme patients in Canada for many years, gaining a wealth of knowledge about the disease. He recounts his introduction to the shortcomings of Lyme disease testing in Canada while treating a patient with a history of multiple previous tick bites, many common symptoms of Lyme disease, but…

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Fatal Lyme carditis presenting as fluctuating high-grade atrioventricular block

RE: Lyme carditis and neuroborreliosis Edward J Cormode [MD, FRCP], Retired paediatrician, Canadian Medical Association The three cases presented in the “Practice “section of the May 25, 2020 CMAJ provide an informative discussion of the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme carditis and neuroborreliosis in a tertiary care centre. I am a retired Ontario pediatrician and coroner, having practiced for…

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A 4-year-old boy with ataxia and aphasia

[CanLyme Note: The rashes shown in this case are dismissed Canada-wide by doctors who are not taught about multiple rashes, and the worst of it is that if you are not in a “known endemic area” Lyme disease will be dismissed. In reality, Lyme disease occurs anywhere in Canada where our songbirds birds fly. If you…

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Chronic Lyme disease – does it exist?

“Her symptoms started quickly: neck pain, extreme fatigue and intermittent fever and chills. The woman had been healthy until then, and since she enjoyed gardening and landscaping at her rural Maryland home, she wondered if a tick bite might have given her Lyme disease although she had not noticed the telltale bull’s-eye skin lesion. Her…

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Unravelling the mystery of Lyme disease: Why Canada needs to do more

Rian Michelsen is a rising star. Fifteen years ago, he was the toddler who burst out from behind the curtains singing Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas. As a young boy, he played the lead role in Oliver in his birthplace of Bermuda, before moving with his family to Toronto five years ago. Now, as a 17 year-old high school…

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WSU researchers crack the Lyme disease code

The next time a tick feeds on you, Washington State University researchers hope to make sure persistent arthritis caused by Lyme disease doesn’t linger for a lifetime. Troy Bankhead, associate professor in WSU’s Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology department, and his team have spent more than a decade analyzing an immune evasive protein of Borrelia burgdorferi,…

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Lyme Disease Awareness Month

NO TICK IS A GOOD TICK, all species of ticks that will attach to humans and pets can carry various diseases. May, 2020 May is National Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Canada. It gives us a chance to remind and educate others about the disease and how to avoid it. Ticks aren’t going to give…

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Canadian MP Len Webber addresses Minister of Health on Lyme disease

Minister of Health Patty Hajdu readily admits there is “still lots to learn” about treatment of Lyme disease but as typical opts to keep sick people sick without options of extended antibiotic treatment that has helped hundreds of thousands of people who had to leave Canada for help. Instead she wants more research, none of…

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Post-treatment Lyme Disease as a Model for Persistent Symptoms in Lyme Disease

[CanLyme Note: The term post treatment Lyme disease syndrome is controversial and excludes those not effectively treated following the current treatment guidelines imposed upon physicians and patients.] “It has long been observed in clinical practice that a subset of patients with Lyme disease report a constellation of symptoms such as fatigue, cognitive difficulties, and musculoskeletal…