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A 4-year-old boy with ataxia and aphasia

[CanLyme Note: The rashes shown in this case are dismissed Canada-wide by doctors who are not taught about multiple rashes, and the worst of it is that if you are not in a “known endemic area” Lyme disease will be dismissed. In reality, Lyme disease occurs anywhere in Canada where our songbirds birds fly. If you have robins, finches and wrens you have ticks carrying Lyme disease as shown by the many papers published by Canadian researcher John Scott. The notion that you have to be in a ‘known endemic area’ in order to be diagnosed in Canada is a lethal adherence to a very flawed dogma not supported by science, patient experts, patients or patient representatives.The Canadian government through the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) has given millions of dollars to groups who use the money to maintain dogma while avoiding any real research. CIHR has not revealed any explanation as to why patient experts were denied funding. Science does not become evidence of anything until it has been published, independently peer reviewed, replicated, and transparently debated.  None of this has been allowed in Canada under complete monopolization by the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease of Canada (AMMI) of anything to do with Lyme disease, who simply are an extension of the corrupt Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) in the United States.  In fact, most medical leadership in Canada who govern Lyme disease policy provincially and federally are current or past members of one or both, AMMI and IDSA who are very beholding to the for-profit side of medicine including pharma and medical insurance. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is dominated by AMMI/IDSA at the very highest levels. The medical insurance industry does not want to underwrite the cost of disability claims by this pandemic and the pharmaceutical industry is quite happy to invent many new drugs that allege to manage the many symptoms of Lyme disease, rather than curing the disease itself.  Many of these drugs are very toxic. Our politicians have been aware of this for years but have done little. Laws passed with the help of very well-intended politicians were made a mockery of and ignored by PHAC.  We do NOT have a social health care system, we are a playground for the global for-profit medical money machine.  People are just collateral damage.]

Canadian Medical Association Journal, May 25th, 2020

“An otherwise healthy 4-year-old boy was brought to hospital in late December after 3 days of nasal congestion and 2 days of fever, vomiting, malaise, ataxia and aphasia. The patient had a medical history of clubfoot. He had not yet received his immunizations (4–6 yr) or the seasonal influenza vaccine. On arrival, his vital signs were normal, but he had truncal and gait ataxia. The remainder of his neurologic and physical examination was normal. There was no nuchal rigidity, no ankle clonus and the Babinski sign was negative.”

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