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Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Center – Message from the Director

This is both a disturbing and an exciting time in the world of Lyme disease. Disturbing because the medical and public health communities have failed to stem the steady increase in the number of cases of Lyme disease over the last 2 decades – with an expansion of over 35% between 2006-2007 alone. Exciting because advances in medical technology are leading to breakthroughs in how we understand this disease.

Evidence based medicine, not always best evidence.

Evidence Based Medicine began as a “bottom-up” paradigm that taught medical residents to search the literature for the best available evidence and to critically appraise it for making patient care decisions.

The Lyme Disease Controversy

The CDC clinical criteria for Lyme Disease which exist for the purpose of monitoring the rate of Lyme disease nationally are quite narrowly defined in order to ensure a high degree of specificity in the diagnosis

Insurers hit on Lyme disease

Alan Stone of Chelmsford, who suffers from Lyme disease along with his daughter Angela, 14, says insurance companies are afraid of the high expenses that can come from long-term treatments.